Toddler Twins holiday wardrobe

Next week we're off to the sunny Algarve and with temperatures hitting nearly 30 degrees most days, I've picked outfits for my twins that are light and cool. You'll see I'm not one for matching but love coordinating styles and colours. These colourful dresses will be great to just slip on and off with no... Continue Reading →

Perks of having twins

Twins are hard work. One is upset and you calm them only to see the other walk head first into a corner. Put down one to settle the other and the first screams as you've abandoned them. Continue on repeat until...well I'm not sure until precisely when as we're still going on loop in this... Continue Reading →

How to bribe your kids

Now I'm all for teaching right and wrong and I completely value showing children why at specific times, they need to behave in a certain way. However all parent will appreciate that sometimes you just need them to do something and no amount of sweet talking or stern glares is going to convince them. Take... Continue Reading →

Days out for toddlers in Jersey

Jersey ticks a lot of boxes if you're looking for a holiday with toddlers. You get the excitement of flying and really feeling you are getting away, yet only actually spend about 50 minutes in the air. Enough time to enjoy the experience but not too long to get overly bored. With a slightly warmer... Continue Reading →

Why I quit potty training

If like me, you're a researcher when it comes to kids, you'll have read time and time again how once you commit to potty training, you need to stick with it. It's obviously really that if you start swapping back and forth between nappies, pull ups and using the potty or toilet that the poor... Continue Reading →

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