I’m a SAHM not a housewife!

Before we had children's and I was working full time, I remember having a conversation with Stu and agreeing that if I were to give up work that I'd take on most of the housework, shopping and general running of the house as that seemed only fair. Fast forward and we have both realised that... Continue Reading →

Rain, Rain, Go Away

When is it that we lose the love for rain? I can only remember one occasion when I actually enjoyed getting caught in the rain. After a particularly sticky, muggy afternoon in Disneyland Paris when I was eleven, the heavens opened and we were soaked within seconds. For someone with a shocking memory of my... Continue Reading →

Swimming in guilt

What is it about being a parent that ramps up the guilt dial? Whether you go out to work or stay at home, feed from breast or bottle, let them cry or sleep in your bed, there is always something that makes you question whether you are doing this parent lark right. Recently, I've been... Continue Reading →

Eating out with twins

After two and half years of twin mummyhood, I've gleaned a few tips and tricks on how to make eating out as pleasurable as possible for parents and tots alike. In the early days, our little darlings would happily be entertained sat on our lap and then put into a high chair to eat. Now... Continue Reading →


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