Pointing out the obvious just isn’t helpful

Normally I’m not that bothered by the repetitive nature of twin comments. I’ve heard them all a million times and been asked the same old questions over and over. Generally, I just think people are genuinely interested in twins.

My girls especially surprise a lot of people as, with such a height difference, more often than not it is presumed they are just close siblings. They’d have to be pretty damn close…I’m talking ‘getting on it before leaving labour and delivery’ close.

Anyway, the comment of the day was ‘you’ve got your hands full’. I must have heard it 5 times… But heck, it was the truth today. We absolutely did as we travelled through an airport, lugging a suitcase and three carry on bags whilst still trying to control two very restless toddlers who should have been napping.

Just a taster of our baggage

Just as we turned the corner for security, Jess decided to make a run for it. She was so quick, before I knew it, she’d legged it under the barriers and was heading for the X-ray machines. It was like that scene from Love Actually. Stu just had to chuck the bags and chase as I stood watch with Emily.

Red faced and with a few very disapproving glances, we tried to get our act together. At this point, the man behind me chirps in with ‘ooh you’ve got your hands full’. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to slap him or cry. Why do people always chose to point out what’s going wrong at the worst possible time.

He didn’t mean any harm, but talk about pointing out the obvious. An octopus would have struggled juggling what we were carrying. I’ll let him off for not offering help as, at airport security, it’s probably not the best time to be touching other people’s luggage.

That being said, I wonder whether the help would have been forthcoming had the location been different. Say my hand were just as full in a supermarket, would he have helped then. I’m guessing not.

So, if you ever feel the urge to tell a twin mummy or anyone for that matter, that they have their hands full, make sure you follow it up with the offer to give them a hand. At least then they’ll know you’re saying it with compassion rather than pity.

Bit of a rant but I’m glad I got that out. Like all the cliched twin comment, there are the equally cliched replies. Yes my hands are full but so is my heart. ❀️



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  1. I laughed so hard at this because I know exactly how you feel about the twin comments! Mine aren’t walking just yet but I know for sure I will have moments like this! Hang in there momma! Thanks for sharing!


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