Shopping alone vs shopping with twins

This week I needed to get my sister a birthday gift and so when my parents offered to watch the girls, I gladly accepted.

Here’s why…


Alone: Grab shoulder bag and chuck in purse, phone and keys. You’re done.

With twins: May as well take a wheeled suitcase with all the gubbins I haul around. Nappies, wipes, hankie, change of clothes, snacks, drinks and then whatever else fills the other six pockets of my changing bag.



Alone: Park anywhere

With twins: Desperately search for parent/child spot. More often than not, end up wth a regular space and perform a sort of contortion act to remove two wriggly toddlers out of both sides without scraping the next car.


Alone: Go where you want

With twins: Resign yourself to the fact that with a double buggy, you need to stick to the big department stores that have to keep wide aisles clear. No independents shops/boutiques allowed.


Going up a floor

Alone: Find the nearest set of stairs or escalator

With twins: Walk the entire length of the shopping centre to find the lifts only to walk the entire length back to get to the shop you want.


Alone: Saunter around the shops, touching clothes, picking up candles up to smell and generally making purchase decisions at a leisurely pace.

With twins: Get in and get out. Avoid queuing unless you want to trigger a meltdown of epic proportions.


Trying clothes on

Alone: Select multiple sizes and styles. Pick up a few unusual pieces ‘just to see’. Stare at your reflection and consider various outfit combinations.

With twins: Just don’t. Grab it, buy it and promise yourself you’ll return it if it doesn’t fit (if you can face coming back within 28 days).


Taking a break

Alone: Order a large caramel latte and brownie and enjoy.

With twins: Are you kidding? – see next point


Alone: Take your time and decide when you’re done.

With twins: Accept the fact you are working against the clock. Speed and efficiency are your friends. No dilly dallying and at the first sign of discontentment, abort mission and get back to the car asap.

So there you have it. You may as well just stay at home and shop online…but that’d be no fun would it. What’s your favourite part about shopping alone?

Cuddle Fairy

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  1. Oh I feel you on this! though i’ve discovered I LOVE going to Tesco’s with a child as we’re always guaranteed a child space near the front… better than having to park miles away in the car park haha! otherwise shopping with kids is crap compared to alone! #bloggersclubUK


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