All About Amanda

Writing this feels a little like creating a profile for a dating site although I haven’t ever actually done that…well not for myself anyway. You see, I met my husband Stu when I was 18, long before all that techi dating phenomenon took off. He lived in the uni halls below me and as they say that was that. Since then, we’ve built careers, been travelling, got married and finally started a family. Now at the grand age of 34, I am Mummy to 2.5yr old non-identical twin girls.

Very recently, I gave up teaching to become a full time mummy. Our journey to become parents wasn’t an easy one and so I am determined not to miss a second of our girls’ childhood. Our days are filled with crafting, cooking and reading which I love and look forward to sharing with you. I also love the lovely long nap they still take each afternoon which means I get a bit of me time.




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